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“I Remember Better When I Paint” screening

In the Spring of 2010, the ADRC will host a screening of I Remember Better When I Paint, a 2009 international documentary film about the postive effects of art therapy on those with memory disorders. The film is narrated by Olivia de Havilland and features Yasmin Aga Khan, President of Alzheimer’s Disease International and daughter […]

Dimebon: The mystery cure for Alzheimer’s?

Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D. was recently featured in a Newsweek Web Exclusive article, entitled, “Are We Taking the Wrong Approach to Curing Alzheimer’s?” The article sheds light on the recent discovery of Russian antihistamine, dimebon, that not only stopped the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s but also reversed it, with benefits lasting up to at least […]

Mount Sinai researchers to test first gene therapy to improve brain function in Alzheimer’s patients

AD is a degenerative and ultimately fatal disorder affecting as many as five million Americans; that number is expected to soar to more than 11 million by 2040. Scientists are actively looking at new and more innovative ways to treat the disease. Now, for the first time in AD research, scientists are about to test […]