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Ask the Expert: Do any of the prevention strategies for Alzheimer’s have any merit? I heard that there was a recent NIH panel that said that none of them were useful!

Ask the expert: Judith Neugroschl, M.D. The NIH recently sponsored a panel made up of 15 specialists in a variety of fields of medicine and public health, along with 20 expert presenters, in order to assess the current research on Alzheimer’s disease prevention. They came up with a consensus statement with a couple of major […]

Ask the Expert: What is the history behind vaccinations for Alzheimer’s disease, and how promising are they for the treatment of AD?

A potential “Alzheimer’s vaccine” has long been an interest for researchers and a hope for patients and families. The primary target for most vaccines to date has been the amyloid plaque which is found in the brains of patients with AD, and is thought by many to be the cause of the disease. The idea of using the body’s own immunity to combat amyloid buildup has great appeal…

Ask the Expert: Why have so many drugs that seem promising as treatments for Alzheimer’s failed when studied in actual patients?

These are the most important topics of research in Alzheimer’s. The answers to these questions hold the key to our ability to decipher the disease and find curative interventions. These are the questions that the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) was designed to answer.