// Tips for talking to the MD/RN
  • Someone should accompany the person with AD to his or her appointment.
  • Write down all the questions/concerns that you want to ask ahead of time (e.g. medication side effects, new symptoms) – pick the top couple of things to cover so if time is short the most important issues will be addressed.
  • Bring an updated list of medications with doses, and any over the counter medications or supplements that the person may be taking.
  • Bring a pen and paper – write down answers to questions, diagnoses, instructions for tests or medications etc.
  • Make the follow up appointment.
  • Things that should trigger a doctors visit or ER visit include any abrupt change in thinking or functioning (e.g. new confusion, incontinence, inability to speak or move a part of the body ) or a fever, fall, or fainting. You can ask the doctor for any other guidelines or suggestions.
  • Do not expect the person with AD to be able to navigate the medical system, make appointments, follow up with insurance, pay bills, or be able to take their medications appropriately without assistance, this will lead to frustration on the part of the caregiver and person with AD, as well as potentially dangerous consequences (e.g taking too much heart medications).