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Medical Food and Neutriceuticals

Article by Mary Sano, Ph.D. The notion of using food to treat or prevent disease dates to ancient times of more than 5,000 years ago in Indian traditions and can be traced through the writings of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine. The interest remains strong, with evidence that more than a third of adults […]

Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

Article by Mary Sano, Ph.D and Margaret Sewell, Ph.D. Non-pharmalogic therapy (NPT) is a term that encompasses a wide variety of non-drug interventions for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients and their caregivers. Many NPT’s are intended to complement the use of standard dementia medications. Like pharmacological therapies, NPTs for Alzheimer’s disease can focus on behavioral or […]

Clinical Amyloid Scanning Comes to Mount Sinai

Article by Mary Sano, Ph.D. We are proud to announce that Mount Sinai Medical Center is the first in the tri-state area to use the newly approved imaging technique to detect Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology in people who are cognitively impaired. This new technique uses a radioactive agent called florbetapir (trade name Amyvid), which can […]

Cross-Cultural Research

We are pleased to introduce to you Dr. Jesús de Felipe, PhD,  who is a visiting Scholar here at the ADRC. Dr. de Felipe received a PhD in Psychology from University Complutense of Madrid and was awarded a grant from the Conchita Rabago Foundation to work with our team from March until September of 2012. […]

ADRC Summer Internship Program

Thanks to ADRC supporter Robert Kahen,  we at the ADRC were pleased to  have established our first formal summer research internship program in memory of Mrs. Moussa Kahen.  Mr. Kahen’s support towards future aging and memory researchers  allowed our interns to attend educational lectures and outreach activities and get hands-on experience with clinical and basic […]

Participant Appreciation Day

This year’s 5th annual ADRC Participants’ Appreciation Day yielded the highest attendance yet with 81 participants joining us as well as many ADRC staff and students! After a welcome by event organizer and Education Core Director Margaret Sewell, Ph.D., ADRC director Mary Sano, Ph.D. updated the audience with “What we’ve learned so far: Results from […]

Participant Interview: Susan Joseph

Q:  What led you to choose to participate in research with the Mount Sinai ADRC? My friend Mitch had been involved in research at the James J. Peter VA Medical Center and found out about the studies being done at Mount Sinai. So we came in as a team and were asked to take part […]

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2012

From July 14 –19, several ADRC faculty joined the international AD scientific community in Vancouver to discuss new developments in the field at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC). Some highlights: Gammagard’s IGIV treatment: One clinician found that his four patients receiving the study drug showed improvement. This information was primary data released of four […]

Ask the Expert: Samuel Gandy, Ph.D., M.D., ADRC Associate Director

Q: I have heard there’s a new cancer drug that might work for Alzheimer’s disease – is this a new cure? The cancer drug you may have heard about in the news is called Bexarotene and indeed, it is US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) – approved to treat certain cancers. However, as with all new […]

Mount Sinai Researchers to Test First Gene Therapy to Improve Brain Function In Alzheimer’s Patients

AD is a degenerative and ultimately fatal disorder affecting as many as five million Americans; that number is expected to soar to more than 11 million by 2040. Scientists are actively looking at new and more innovative ways to treat the disease. Now, for the first time in AD research, scientists are about to test […]