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Mount Sinai is one of over 30 NIH funded research centers across the country. The purpose of the research is to understand the cause and nature of Alzheimer’s and to develop new treatments to slow down and ultimately cure/prevent this illness. Participating in research is a way to help others in the future as well as the possibility help in your treatment of Alzheimer’s. Research families receive support from a whole team of health care professionals. Currently, we are conducting a variety of research studies.

Currently enrolling:

TOMMORROW STUDY The Alzheimer’s disease Research Center at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is seeking volunteers for the TOMMORROW study. The purposes of this study are (1) to examine two genes to see if it’s possible to predict someone’s likeliness to develop Alzheimer’s based on these inherited genes and (2) to test a drug called pioglitazone (AD-4833), which may slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease in those who currently show no signs of the condition. In this study, the participants will be given a blood test to determine if they are at an elevated risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and memory, thinking, orientation, and language skills tests to confirm that they are mentally healthy. Those who qualify will then be given a study drug or placebo to take over a five year period. The study team is seeking healthy participants between the ages of 65 and 83, who have someone who can be a project partner (spouse, adult child, other family member, or caregiver) to provide information about their health, attend study appointments, and assist with correctly taking the study medication. Participants will not have to pay for investigational medication, and transportation assistance may be available. This research will take place at Mount Sinai’s Upper East Side campus. For more information about the TOMMORROW study, please contact a study coordinator at 212-241-8329. PI: Judith Neugroschi, MD; GCO#: 13-1688; HSM#: 13-00720; ISMMS IRB approved through 11/18/2014.

SNIFF STUDY Volunteers are being recruited for the SNIFF study. This study is investigating the safety, tolerability and effectiveness of an insulin nasal spray when given to people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or mild cognitive impairment. Insulin is a hormone in your body that helps your cells use sugar. We will be studying the effect of this insulin nasal spray on memory and thinking as well as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood biomarkers. In this study, subjects will be given either the insulin nasal spray or a placebo nasal spray for 12 months, and for 6 months all subjects will receive the insulin nasal spray. The study needs volunteers who are 55 years of age or older, are diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease, are fluent in English or Spanish, can attend all study visits, participate in study testing and receive MRIs, and have a study partner who can attend all study visits. Participation will be at no cost to the study participant and for some of the visits, lunch will be provided. For more information about the SNIFF study, please contact one of our coordinators at 212-241-8329. This research will take place at Mount Sinai’s Upper East Side campus. PI: Hillel T. Grossman, MD, GCO: 91-208 (17), HSM: 13-00768. ISMMS IRB through 10/28/2014.