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Fall 2012

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2012

From July 14 –19, several ADRC faculty joined the international AD scientific community in Vancouver to discuss new developments in the field at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC). Some highlights:

  • Gammagard’s IGIV treatment: One clinician found that his four patients receiving the study drug showed improvement. This information was primary data released of four individuals who demonstrated 3 years of stable cognition during their participation. Nurses’ Health Study on sleep disorders and lower cognition: The study explored if sleeping too much or too little could lead to lowered cognition and demonstrated that people whose sleep changed significantly – either increasing or decreasing by 2 hours- had increased risk of cognitive decline.
  • Swiss study on the relationship between stride speed and variability and cognitive impairment: The study found that in people with worse cognitive decline, gait was slower than in those with less severe cognitive concerns. In addition, specific parts of walking were observed – for example, information processing speed was associated with the rhythm aspect of gait (stride time and cadence).
  • University of California – San Francisco study on alcohol use and MCI: The study followed elderly women over 20 years who continued to drink 7-14 drinks per week as they aged or those who started later in life. The data indicated possible increased risk of cognitive decline in late-life binge drinkers as well as increased risk of mild cognitive impairment. They also found that sleep apnea was associated with greater risk of MCI.


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