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Fall 2012

ADRC Summer Internship Program

Thanks to ADRC supporter Robert Kahen,  we at the ADRC were pleased to  have established our first formal summer research internship program in memory of Mrs. Moussa Kahen.  Mr. Kahen’s support towards future aging and memory researchers  allowed our interns to attend educational lectures and outreach activities and get hands-on experience with clinical and basic science research methods.  All four interns were supervised by senior ADRC faculty on a variety of research projects that included neuropsychological testing and education, our ADRC Brain Tissue Donation Program,  our ongoing  neuroimaging studies, our Spanish cohort and a basic science presentation on gamma-secretase and Alcadein culminating in a presentation on August 1st  to an audience of students and faculty. We welcome these young academics to the field!

Not pictured: ADRC Intern  Michael Kahen and volunteer Julia Strauss


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