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Fall/Winter 2009

Mumbai Corner: Staff from the Memory and Aging Research Center in Mumbai Visit Mount Sinai A Cup of Coffee with Dr. Girish Nair

This past June several members of the research team from the Memory and Aging Research Center at Nair Hospital in Mumbai visited the Mount Sinai ADRC.  They were: Dr. Urvashi Shah, a neuropsychologist, Dr. Girish Nair, a neurologist, and psychologists Vaishali Ganwir, and Shanti Shankar.  and Mr. Ajit Kadam, a senior histotechnologist.   The two weeks during which our visitors were here provided an excellent learning opportunity on both sides.  The visitors toured the Mount Sinai ADRC facilities, including the clinical research areas, the basic science labs, and neuropathology labs.  This was followed by meetings and learning and discussion sessions.   Several Mount Sinai investigators and staff met with the Mumbai team on many occasions to discuss the clinical research being developed in Mumbai and how further progress could be made through this site visit in New York.  The Mumbai team attended a number of clinical conferences held at Mount Sinai which led to very important discussions of the types of illnesses and memory and other cognitive problems found in both countries.  While here, Dr. Urvhashi Shah gave a wonderful presentation to Mount Sinai faculty and staff, highlighting some of the challenges that clinicians in India faced regarding testing of memory and thinking abilities.  The visit was quite a success, providing a timely opportunity to the visitors to observe the excellent research establishment of the ADRC and building new relationships and strengthening the research collaboration between Mount Sinai’s ADRC and the Memory and Aging Research Center at Nair Hospital in Mumbai.


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