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Fall-Winter 2011

Results: Home-Based Assessment Study By Mary Sano, Ph.D.

The Mount Sinai ADRC community, under the leadership of Jane Martin, Ph.D., is a strong participator in the Home-Based Assessment (HBA) Study, in which healthy seniors complete evaluations in their home. This is the first study of its kind, comparing traditional testing with automated telephone testing or computerized testing. It is also unique in that it will continue for four years. The results of the initial participant selection and evaluation were presented at the Alzheimer Association International Congress by Mary Sano, Ph.D., which was held in Paris this past June; Dr. Sano is the national  director for the study. Several interesting results were reported. Overall, individuals were generally willing to participate in all arms (i.e., telephone, traditional, or computerized testing) regardless of age, education or general health. This suggests that many people are open to trying new technologies. However, there seems to be a preference for less frequent assessment and for technologies that used more traditional equipment, such as telephones. We want to thank all of our volunteers and ask them to “stay the course” to finish this important four year project.


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