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Fall-Winter 2011

Memory Enhancement Tip… By Margaret Sewell, Ph.D.

Although it may seem simple, a major memory culprit in healthy elders is a failure to pay attention. As individuals living in the 21st century, we are continuously bombarded by a slew of information- what some may call information overload. However, there are simple techniques that can be employed in order to best attend to (and remember!) the details of our daily lives.

Some suggestions:

  • Slow Down: By slowing down, the mind has more time to process what you are experiencing, which makes for a better “memory imprint”.
  • Focus: Concentration is key to memory enhancement.
  • Rehearse the information out loud: By vocalizing what you wish to remember, you allow yourself another opportunity to encode information.

So next time you need to remember a book club book, try summarizing a chapter out loud. Need to remember where you parked your car? Take a moment to repeat the level or number to yourself. Learn the name of a new friend? Pause and match the name to the face. You’d be surprised what a difference focus can make!


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